COVID-19 is a slow, evolving disaster that is going to affect all of our lives in ways we can't foresee. What we have seen, thus far, is that the response from the federal government, and our state, is going to be intricate, and hard to navigate. The Paycheck Protection Plan is already notoriously hard to secure a loan from, and disproportionately rewards large firms. I believe that our local small businesses that have two or three employees matter just as much as those that have two or three hundred. These businesses are often small restaurants or markets run by a single family. These are pillars of our communities, and our ward wouldn’t be the same without them. I will do my best to make sure these businesses can still flourish. They are going to need extra support from us, and extra attention from the City Council, because I believe we need them.

PAID FOR BY Neighbors for Bihi for City Council Ward 6

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