Youth Engagement


Ward 6 has the most young people in the city, and living in this community for 24 years has given me the chance to witness the positive impact we can have on our children. I have watched my neighbors’ children excel in after-school athletics, homework-assistance programs, and activities provided by our local centers and go on to graduate high school and college on their way to becoming productive members of our city. Sadly, too often our fate is decided by the resources available to us, and when there is a lack of institutional support, there is potential that is squandered. Also, we underestimate what children can do themselves with even meager resources. As your city councilman, I will center children’s perspectives, and empower youth-led organizations to partner with the city and nonprofits so they can reach all of our children. The youth leaders who understand our strengths and challenges the best reside right here in our own community, and they need our help. I have the experience to listen and to connect them with the resources to meet their needs. I will be a voice for the investment in the future of our ward, so access to transportation, education, jobs and childcare are there for my children and yours.

PAID FOR BY Neighbors for Bihi for City Council Ward 6

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